TypeScript Tutorial

JavaScript’s universal browser support and dynamically typed nature makes it an ideal universal web language. However, as any developer who comes from an object-oriented background knows, JavaScript’s flexibility can become a liability as applications grow larger and larger. That’s why Microsoft created TypeScript to help developers produce better JavaScript utilizing the principles of object-oriented programming. read more

Essential Application Performance Management Tips and Tools

As an application’s architecture grows, so does the risk of a component potentially malfunctioning. Working with a massive team of developers and administrators should theoretically ensure a well-oiled machine, but people make mistakes too, so it’s helpful to a have automated tools that continually monitor all of the moving parts. That’s why we have application performance management tools. read more

Using Google Lighthouse To Enhance Progressive Web Apps

As part of its effort to support progressive web apps, which offer a growing number of complex features, Google created Google Lighthouse to establish standards for today’s web. With innovation accelerating at an ever increasing pace, new developers sometimes feel as though they are drifting in the dark when it comes to optimizing their websites. Google Lighthouse hopes to serve as a beacon to guide developers in a direction that is best for all users. read more

Using Big Data to Determine the Success of Your Business

The term “big data” refers to a large set of data that can be analyzed via computers and is an asset in establishing the foundation for any business. A business, irrespective of its size, is more likely to prosper if it relies upon a logical and scientific database. In terms of business, big data proves to be very advantageous in reaching the predetermined goals. It will be a huge mistake for a businessman to regard big data as invalid to his company. In fact, big data can do unexpected wonders in the corporate world. read more